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Based on the results of the election survey, WIGSIG Members will elect a Steering Committee and the Steering Committee will elect a Chair.

Any questions regarding the IGDA Women in Games Elections should be directed to Tina Tyndal and Erin Hoffman at wigsig.elections(at)
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Ernest Adams
I'm the founder of the IGDA. When the first board of directors and I set it up in 1994, among our explicit goals for the organization was to recruit women to the game industry; to improve career opportunities for women already in the business; and to encourage game developers to present a more balanced view of female characters in their games. Things have improved since then, but not enough. In spite of all our advances, it's still harder for women to break into the industry, especially in technical fields. I meet dozens -- I wish I could say it were hundreds -- of young women a year who dream of building video games. They need all the advice and encouragement they can get, and I'd like to help.

I am an independent game design consultant, trainer, and author, as well as being a part-time university professor. I have been in the industry for 21 years, 8 of them at Electronic Arts. You can find out more about me at my professional website:
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Brenda Brathwaite
As a lifelong game developer, my position remains the same as it did in 1981 when I got my start - to build a community of inclusiveness that leverages our collective resources for the good of current and aspiring game developers.
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Norma Jean Crippen
I've spent a glorious 12 years in the video games industry as a network and relationship building professional, working hard and loving every second! Now, I'm ready to get even more involved and share my expertise and passion with the WIG-SIG and those within the game industry. I've literally grown up in the game industry, built an impressive resume as well as an incredible network. In addition to my passion for games, I'm proud to say I co-founded an amazing non-profit, SCARE for a CURE, that raises money for local cancer related charities. As co-founder and Vice President of SCARE, I have successfully helped collaborate, build and manage this organization that has raised thousands for charity. Every year, I'm fortunate to have the support of our local video game developers. Last year, we recruited volunteers from companies like Red Fly Games, Critical Mass, SOE, BioWare, and Blizzard who donated their time to help us meet our biggest donation to date of $15,000 for the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas. Now, I'm ready to expand my collaborative efforts, share my expertise, knowledge, and passion and make the IGDA the best THEY'VE ever been!!

Currently, I am developing a program in collaboration with the Art Institute of Austin to help build relationships between local art talent and Austin video game studios. My goal is to introduce these students to veteran video game developers for mentorship, possible internships, and future opportunities. I have been securing local art directors and art leads to speak to the students and guide them in the development of job-getting portfolios. In addition I have been arranging studio tours for the students to further their understanding of the industry they are about to enter. We are currently working on scheduling our first portfolio review session where local companies will be invited to meet the students and review their work. This program is in its infancy and I am very excited to develop a mentoring community within the industry for years to come!

I feel my non-profit and industry experience would be an asset to the WIG-SIG Steering Committee. I'm happy to apply my networking and relationship building skills towards driving membership, coordinating networking events and growing the WIG-SIG. I've been told I bring a lot of heart and soul into making a relationship work. I'm solid, hardworking, highly motivated and have a very high work ethic and drive.

My recruiting career spans various industries ranging from software entertainment to finance to high tech. I spent six years at the legendary game developer Origin Systems, six years at Dell Financial Services before returning back to the video games industry in 2005. The industry is in my blood and it's in my soul! I want nothing more than to give back to the industry all that it has given me!!
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Tristin Hightower
I've been a proud Member of the International Game Developers Association since 2007, taking an active role in the Women in Games SIG (WIGSIG) beginning in late 2008 with the launch of the new WIGSIG Website, Quarterly Newsletter, and pilot programs including GameMentorOnlinee and Games2Girls.

As the WIGSIG Web Marketing Manager, I also participate in online social networks to increase the visibility of women and games to the broader game development community as well as provide a resource for students and industry professionals who are searching for information and/or network of peers to connect with.

On a personal note, I have been fortunate to have mentors in the industry who have contributed to my professional growth; they are a constant source of inspiration and emphasize the importance of community and giving back to others. To that end, I would like your consideration for the WIGSIG election. If elected, I will work with fellow Steering Committee Members to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Promote awareness of WIGSIG Member activities among the group
  • Increase visibility of the WIGSIG and the contributions of women professionals to the larger IGDA and game development communities
  • Increase transparency with WIGSIG Members and Leadership, enabling a "behind-the-scenes" view of what is being worked on and provide those who are interested in becoming involved, the opportunity to do so

I want to provide resources and programs that will be valuable to our Members while continuing to grow our participation in the broader game development community. With the support of WIGSIG Members, I've proven that I can make these initiatives come to fruition and look forward to taking them to the next level in the next year.

Working with the WIGSIG and the greater IGDA as a whole, we can be role models for young women and the general population as a whole. Together, we can continue to change the perception that games are "just for boys" - both as a career choice and a hobby.

You can read more about my professional bio here. Thank you for your consideration.
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Sheri Graner Ray
Sheri Graner Ray has been making computer games since 1990. She has worked for such companies as Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Sony Online Entertainment, and Cartoon Network, and has worked on such licenses as Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima, and Nancy Drew. She is author of the book, Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market and is the computer game industry's leading expert on the subject of gender and computer games.

In 2004 she was named one of the game industry's Most Influential Women by the Hollywood Reporter. In 2005 she was awarded the International Game Developers' Association's Game Developer's Choice Award in recognition of her work in gender and games. She is currently serving as Executive Chair for Women In Games International; an organization she co-founded.
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Sheri Rubin
I am excited to be a part of the Women in Games Special Interest Group during this critical period of transformation. My involvement here began in 2000 when it was the Women In Game Development Committee. I am proud of what we have accomplished during this decade. We have established an international voice for our community, a forum for education, support, and understanding, and have been the starting point for other successful programs and organizations, Moving forward, we have an even greater responsibility to the Women In Games community and its related interests. From our common strengths of being open minded, caring, respectful, and supportive individuals, we have the greatest potential of any community to be a shining example how dedication and teamwork can create an environment we will all be proud of. As a result of my years of involvement in the discussions and causes of our community, I believe I understand our collective vision and can see what it will take to get us there. It would be my honor to serve as a steering committee member of the Women In Games Special Interest Group of our IGDA. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Sheri Rubin is founder and CEO of Design Direct Deliver, a company that strives to improve the customer experience and provides independent contract and consulting services to businesses primarily within the video game industry. She got her start in the industry over a decade ago, has been an active part of the IGDA since 1999 (she recently joined their new "lifetime membership" program), and has appeared on G4TV twice. Though she has more than thirty game credits under her belt, Sheri's proudest moment came from showing her father her name on the Golden Tee machine in a Chicago pizzeria.

Sheri's volunteer contributions:
  • Chair, Quality Assurance SIG (Current)
  • Advisory Board Member, Women in Games SIG
  • Member, SIGs Committee
  • Founder and Former Leadership Council Member, Sexuality In Games SIG
  • Participant in over twenty other SIGs
  • Member, Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Member, Voter Guidance Task Force
  • IGDA Orange County Chapter Board of Directors
  • Former Executive Board Member, Chicago Chapter

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Mary-Margaret Walker
The IGDA Wig-Sig is the place to unite conversations and positive direction for Women in Games organizations worldwide with input from individuals (men and women). Through IGDA, each sig has the ability to bring together students, professionals and hobbyists to shape the world of games positively and build the industry. I started in game development in 1991 and have continued in this industry as a recruiter and career specialist. I want to build ladders for others to follow in this industry, find their place to contribute and enjoy a long-lasting, fulfilling career.
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Cat Wendt
I am running for the WIGSIG board because I feel passionate about women in games and want a stronger, more transparent SIG. We are all here because we love what we do and I want to make sure that the talent and creativity of the membership does not go to waste. You all deserve to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, what opportunities are available, and what you can do to get involved.

Though women have struggled for recognition, equal rights, and equal pay for centuries, it still blows my mind that, in 2010, there are people who treat us like we do not belong in a technical field. However, I believe that we need to move beyond proclaiming "Yoo-hoo, we're here!" and instead focus on improving how we are perceived. We need to support one another, help foster diversity in the industry, and educate young people.

We're a vibrant, eclectic group, and the SIG is full of potential. If elected I will work hard to help us reach it.

I appreciate your consideration.

IGDA Involvement
  • Lifetime Membership (member since early 2009)
  • Community Manager, Quality Assurance SIG
  • Active Member of both the Writers and Women in Games SIGS
  • Active Member of the Marketing and Communications Committee

Candidate Bio
Cat Wendt is number of things, including a freelance writer, graphic designer, and public relations professional. She received a bachelor's of science degree in Public Relations from Montana State University-Billings, but grew up in the San Francisco bay area. Cat cites her diverse background as her biggest influence: her artist mother is half-Chinese, half-Greek, and from Hawai'i; and her film-loving, Reggae DJ father is from Montana.
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