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These are some of the best game development resources out there. Educate yourself!

School Listings
Our list of schools includes degree-granting programs that teach the skills of game development. You can also check your local colleges and universities for departments and professors who will support your interests and encourage your experimentation.

Web Links
Few industries can boast the game community's wealth of information and support online. It's no surprise that game makers are cozy with computers, and we've been sharing our knowledge online since the inception of the Internet. Here are some of the best resources to get you started.

Whether you want to read up on game development in general, or dig deeper into the cultural significance of games, there's bound to be a piece of pulpware for you. Here's a list of some good reads.


Breaking In project resources
As part of the Breaking In project, the IGDA sent a letter and poster to over 10,000 high-schools in North America. The goal of the letter was to inform guidance counselors on the opportunity for challenging and rewarding careers in the game industry. The poster is meant to direct students to this web site for further information. The letter and poster are made available freely here if you would like use them in any way.



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