Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

[ NOTE: We are about to overhaul these pages substantially! AIISC content/discussions will be integrated, so that the whole IGDA community can participate much more easily, and much more. But this will probably take a few months more - stay tuned! ]

The main activity of the Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (AI SIG) is its Artificial Intelligence Interface Standards Committee (AIISC). In addition, we maintain a newsletter on game AI and will further enhance this page with general game AI links and information soon. The IGDA also hosts online discussion forums to faciliate peer-to-peer communication and the sharing of knowledge; feel free to dive into the related Programming & Technology Forum.


Game AI Newsletter

We have set up a newsletter to inform of recent developments in the game AI area, list related conferences/events and new web resources, keep you up-to-date about the standardization initiative, etc. The list is open to everyone, i.e., you do not need to be an IGDA member to subscribe. The newsletter will be published every some months.

If you want to send news items for the newsletter (no job advertisements please), please e-mail them to the list administrator Alexander Nareyek.


The Artificial Intelligence Interface Standards Committee (AIISC)

Nowadays, game AI developers rarely have a chance to work on higher-level AI, like believable and interesting NPCs that can learn, have emotions and complex reasoning and interaction skills, or an automated story-telling system that adapts to a player's interests. Much more likely, an AI developer will spend her/his time struggling with low-level pathfinding details.

We believe that the next qualitative jump for artificial intelligence techniques in games will be dependent on appropriate interfaces for in-house or external AI middleware, unburdening game AI developers to worry about low-level procedures, and enabling them to focus on higher-level creative AI tasks. To make such interfaces and the related middleware feasible, the development of standards for game AI interfaces is necessary, such that the interfaces do not only match a single game but are applicable in a wider scope. Standards in this area may also provide a basis for AI hardware components in the long run. Furthermore, we hope that academic AI research can increase its impact, learning about and focusing on specific computer game requirements.

We have therefore set up the AI Interface Standards Committee to develop such interface standards, the initiative being a joint effort of game AI developers, middleware representatives, academics and other relevant experts. We want to ensure that our work is relevant, and we therefore also work in close cooperation with institutions like game studios, middleware companies, and publishers.

Working groups have been formed to work on interface standards for specific game AI areas. These include: "pathfinding", "steering", "finite state machines", "goal-oriented action planning", and "world interfacing". Working groups discuss requirements and case examples, develop and discuss potential solutions, and create drafts as well as "final" versions of interface standards documents.

The AIISC uses a private project space at SourceForge.net to facilitate member collaboration and discussion. One discussion forum is publicly accessible for External Feedback for the committee.

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Reports and Documents

Yearly reports, drafts and final standards documents that are available so far:

First drafts of interface standards are expected to be presented soon.

GDC Roundtables

Each year, the committee presents the progress during an industry event, along with a follow-up report to be linked here.

Past GDC roundtable reports:



The AI SIG and its AI Interface Standards Committee are chaired by Alexander Nareyek. He can be reached via e-mail at: ai@igda.org